Packaging of Jewellery – Offer the Complete Package... The Complete Experience!

Packaging of Jewellery – Offer the Complete Package... The Complete Experience!

Indian jewellery manufacturing companies have achieved great heights with regard to product manufacturing. However, in the area of packaging their jewellery products, many remain largely lagging behind.

No one would argue that attractive packaging, especially for gift purchases, is an absolute must. But, the attention we pay to packaging of jewellery must go way beyond just attractiveness – After all, jewellery is not only a high-value product category – it is a delicate one that needs to endure over time. We at GemAtlas are of the opinion that every piece of jewellery deserves the perfect packaging considerations. Vince Lombardi said what has become a popular quote, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”. Let us try to analyse the role that packaging can and should play for jewellery.

We should use our packaging as a means to offer safety and maintenance of products for buyers. Some of the designs and structures that constitute jewellery pieces today, are definitely a laudable feat, but what about packaging to maintain them just as perfectly as they are made? Going back about half a century, popular, high-end jewellers even in India would have a box especially made for a necklace or other pieces, which literally outlined its design, so the necklace would fit in snugly and not move about, thus maintaining the integrity of its links, etc over time. Today, with the design complexities there are, offering unique, especially made boxes that support the designs is even more essential.

We, as jewellery makers and retailers should never compromise on the safety of a piece, even after it is sold. Why offer a small box for a large cocktail ring just because it manages to fit, when it is apparent that the lid puts pressure on its stones?; Why offer a larger box for a tiny ring when it might fall to the ground while being handled, and perhaps fracture or even shatter a stone?

As an example of exemplary attention to packaging, Swarovski, wherever needed, makes special boxes to ensure its pieces of jewellery are kept with the correct position of mounting, etc, as per their design and structure.

Most large corporations pay a lot of attention to packaging of their products. In a similar vein, the packaging of your jewellery products is a great opportunity for branding – Don’t be afraid to use your logo, colours that are associated with your brand, and creative designs towards that end. As an example that goes beyond one’s merchandise, when a company like Standard Chartered Bank gives out chocolates as a Diwali gift, the box is often wrapped with ribbons that reinforce its brand – green and blue !

Outside of merely focusing on closing sales, going that extra mile always helps bring people back into our stores. It is the special attention to detail that often sets one apart from competitors.

Moving forward, we should ensure that our buyers do not ever again have to struggle with accommodating heavy earrings with thicker than usual sticks into under-sized boxes, have their delicate small necklaces swing about in over-sized boxes, or any such issues that they have come to accept as standard practice. We should focus deeply on the convenience of our customers and the proper maintenance of the products we sell to them.

Let’s make a commitment to offer the buyers of our jewellery – THE COMPLETE PACKAGE... THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE !